OHV Non-resident permits.


Montana’s Nonresident OHV permit requirements have changed. For more information, visit the Montana State Parks Off-Highway Vehicle Program page here.

Latest News

In School Off Highway Vehicle Ethics Education Program 2016-2017 School Year

By Jim Dochnahl, Education Consultant

This was the eleventh full school year of the partnership between contractor Jim Dochnahl and the Montana Trail Vehicle Riders Association (MTVRA) to provide OHV ethics education in Montana’s public schools.

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Department of the Interior Reorganization (DOI)

From Americans for Responsible Recreational Access (ARRA) Washington Newsletter, September 2017

Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke is apparently giving serious thought to moving the headquarters of three DOI agencies out of Washington and closer to the public lands they manage.  Denver seems to be the likely site for the relocation.  The Bureau of Land Management, the Fish and Wildlife Service, the Bureau of Reclamation are the agencies affected.  There is already some opposition being generated against this move though Zinke will likely maintain that this is a part of an overall effort to streamline and make the department more efficient and effective in fulfilling its responsibilities.  We are awaiting a final decision from the Secretary on this reorganization plan.  Depending upon the scope, it’s possible the Congress will get involved before the plan can be implemented.

Bringing Montana’s Trails Community Together!

By Bob Walker, Editor, Montana Trails Rider News and Member, Montana Trails Coalition

The Montana Trails Coalition (MTC) sprung from discussions by the Montana’s State Trails Advisory Committee (STAC). The STAC advises Fish, Wildlife & Parks primarily on the expenditures of Recreational Trails Program Funds.  However, members saw a need to for an organization that brings statewide trails organizations together to address trails issues and work together for the common good.

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OHV, Mountain Bike, and Horse Riding Trails Open; Visitors Can Buy Digital Permits Through ‘YourPassNow’

From AMA Webpage

The U.S. Forest Service and digital government services provider NIC Inc. are offering a new paper-free, smartphone-enabled method for visitors to pay recreation fees at Wayne National Forest in Ohio through an online service called “YourPassNow.”

Wayne National Forest trails open April 15, and trail use other than hiking requires a permit. This year, visitors will have the option of buying and presenting permits digitally through YourPassNow.

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USDA Forest Service Improves Workers Compensation

From: Kent Wellner, Trails and Dispersed Recreation Program Manager

USDA Forest Service, Northern Region


When volunteers and many partner groups sign up with the US Forest Service to help accomplish work on trails, work as campground hosts, or assist the Forest Service in any one of the many resources areas, they are treated just like an employee in respect to liability and potential injuries.

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Latest Announcements, Etc.

New Montana Office of Outdoor Recreation

During the 2017 legislative session, an effort supported by the majority of Montana’s recreation community to create a new office of outdoor recreation failed in committee.  However Governor Steve Bullock, seeing the potential value of such a venture, created the Montana Office of Outdoor Recreation.  Several other states have similar offices including Wyoming, Utah, Washington and Colorado.  Rachel VandeVoort assumed the duties as the first director of Montana’s Office.

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State Parks and Recreation Board Members Named

In late August, Governor Steve Bullock appointed four new members and retained one existing member to the Montana State Parks and Recreation Board.

The Governor also issued a directive to Martha Williams, Director of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, to create an advisory board to help the parks board build and implement a new vision for parks, as outlined in its 2020 strategic plan.

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5 Rivers Trail Riders

By Rich Winget, President, % Rivers Trail Riders

Many of us believe that it has been too long that the Bozeman area has been without an off-highway-vehicle (OHV) club.  That led to 20 locals meeting to discuss organizing one.  To make a long story short, we elected a board of directors, worked with Citizens for Balanced Use (CBU) and the Montana Trail Vehicle Riders Association (MTVRA), wrote our bylaws and completed the application to the State of Montana to become recognized as a nonprofit corporation.  This package is ready to send to the State next week.  The name of our club is the 5 Rivers Trail Riders (5RTR).

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Friends of the Little Belts

Friends of the Little Belts applied for and received an OHV grant to purchase Silky hand saws for members of the various groups to carry in back packs of on vehicles to help with the huge clearing issue that is facing the trail users due to the bug kill and normal downed timber on the trails in the area.  The grant was for less than requested and many groups have offered to help with the purchase price for their members.  Funding for the project isn’t available until July 1st, which is late for this year but the saws will be put to work as soon as they are in.

New Little Belt Travel Maps

Maps for 2017 have been edited and are ready to head to the printers.  The maps will have a new name on them this year, as the project is now part of a Challenge Cost Share project with the USFS.  The agreement has been signed and the maps this year will have the Friends of the Little Belts listed.

The Great Falls Trail Bike Riders Association is a member of the group and is using the map printing money they were granted for the printing for this edition.  This year there are panels available for ads and all placements have been sold.   Watch for the new maps.  Future printing grants will be from the Friends of the Little Belts group.

Latest Articles

OHVs and Hunting: Some Does and Don’ts

From Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Many hunters use their OHV’s as tools to aid in their quests. Here are a few things you can do to help maintain hunter relationships and good trail conditions.

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Riding ATVs in Mud, Hills and Off-Camber Trails

From AMA Webpage

ATV Riding Tips

It’s that time of year, when you can sit back and think about last year’s best rides. Did you get stuck, need a pull from a buddy or have to take a second run at a steep hill? Was the cause lack of power, the wrong tires, worn tires or the dreaded operator error?

Let’s take a few of the most common trail conditions or situations, and discuss techniques on how to handle each one. The proper riding technique is a lot cheaper than new tires or a larger ATV. And guess what? If you properly tune your technique, you might find out that you’ve been holding back that old pile of bolts in the garage, and not the other way around.

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5 Rivers Trail Riders - First Ride

by Nic Richardson

On September 23rd 2017 a small group of riders gathered near the Rat Lake Trailhead. The reason for the gathering was the Inaugural Ride of a new OHV club, Five Rivers Trail Riders. Twenty two people in all brought out motorcycles, Jeeps, side by sides, and ATVs in spite of the morning’s snow and cold temps. Two rides were planned, one for the over 50” crowd and one for those under 50”s. The over 50” crowd took an old road up into more than 6”s of snow climbing to just behind the Storm Castle rock bluff.

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600+ Scouts Complete ASI Training At National Jamboree

by Dave Halsey, NOHVCC Contributing Writer

Scouts. Over six hundred Boy and Adventure Scouts were all smiles. They had just completed the ATV Safety Institute (ASI) RiderCourse® at the National Scout Jamboree, followed by a trail ride through the woods of West Virginia. For most of the Scouts, it was their very first time riding an ATV.

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Latest Legislative News

Environmental Quality Council Considers Future of State Parks and Recreation

by Bob Walker, Editor, Montana Trail Rider News

The Montana Environmental Quality Council (EQC) met on September 27 in part to consider the future of Montana’s state parks and recreation programs.  The EQC is an interim legislative committee that reviews and appraises state natural resources agencies and programs.

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Secretary Zinke Signs Secretarial Order Seeking to Expand Access to Recreation on Public Lands

From Derrick Crandall, CEO, American Recreation Coalition

Ryan Zinki. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke signed Secretarial Order 3356 today (September 15), creating a process to identify and expand access to outdoor recreation – especially hunting and fishing – on public lands and waters managed by the Department of the Interior.  The order is an extension of Secretarial Order 3347 – issued on Secretary Zinke’s first day in office.

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Montana State Parks Off-Highway Vehicle Program Update

By Erin Proctor, OHV Program Manager, Montana State Parks

The 2015 session of the Montana Legislature passed HB 167 that restructured the requirements of Montana’s OHV nonresident temporary use permit.  This new law makes Montana’s program similar to the regulations in our surrounding states. It rescinded reciprocity to 39 states, while honoring agreements with Idaho and North Dakota. The non-resident permit fee rose from $5 to $27 and permits are valid for one calendar year. 

Revenues generated go to education, OHV trail maintenance and noxious weed control efforts in the following amounts:

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Governor Bullock Announces Public Lands & Public Access Agenda

Billings, Mont., June 9 – Near the banks of the Yellowstone River, Governor Steve Bullock today announced details of his public lands and access agenda, saying it’s his “responsibility as governor” to uphold the Montana value of protecting the state’s outdoor heritage.

The Governor was joined by sportsmen, conservationists, recreationists, and members of Montana’s outdoor recreation and tourism industries as he unveiled his plans to expand and protect public access to public lands and waters throughout Montana.

“Public access to public lands is a fundamental part of what it means to be a Montanan,” said Governor Bullock. “And it’s my responsibility as governor to uphold this Montana value – now and in the years to come.”

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Governor Bullock Announces Release of Statewide Management Assessment of Invasive Species

HELENA, Montana—The Montana Invasive Species Advisory Council (MISAC) released a statewide management assessment of invasive species this week. The assessment, a first for Montana and the second of its kind in the nation, provides a comprehensive look at how invasive species were managed in Montana in 2015. A copy of the assessment can be accessed at:


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Friends of Pipestone

In conjunction with National Public Lands Day, fifty three members of Friends of Pipestone gathered together to work on projects with the BLM and USFS. Several groups split off to work on a number of projects coordinated by the agencies.

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Friends of the Little Belts Groups Help Improve Trailhead and Trails

From Mona Ehnes, MTVRA

On Saturday, July 22, 15 members of the Friends of the Little Belts met at the upper Pilgrim Creek trailhead to help improve the trail surface and install drainage structures.  The group using horses began their clearing work from the lower Pilgrim Creek trailhead.

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President's Corner

President's Corner Fall 2017

Bruce Reierson. Just returned from four days in and around Cooke City, MT. The area had had a really nice rain the day before we arrived. The weather was in the low sixties during the day and around forty degrees at night. Because of the rain we did not have dust to deal with during our rides. Six other riders joined my wife and me. We all enjoyed the rides and laughed a lot playing card games in the evenings. Considering how dry and hot it has been this summer in Montana, the four days were truly a break from the 90 degree temperatures we saw in July. Sometimes you luck out on riding conditions. Hopefully our long Labor Day Weekend will have similar riding conditions.

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