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Latest Newsletter

Spring 2021 (pdf)

Sharing Trails

Do your part to increase safety and improve trail satisfaction for all trail enthusiasts on multiple-use trails. Many of Montana’s trails are open to and shared by equestrians, OHV riders, bicycle riders, runners, hikers and more. Trail sharing can and does work when people respect each other and work cooperatively to keep each other safe. Follow these basic rules to help ensure that meeting on the trail will be a safe and enjoyable experience:

Common Courtesy

• Be considerate of others on the road or trail.

• When traveling on shared use trails, continually watch for other types of recreationists.

• Slow down when site lines are poor.

• Keep speeds low around other recreationists.

• Keep noise and dust down.

• Listening to headphones or ear buds can make it difficult to hear and communicate with other recreationists.


• Yield the right of way to those passing you from behind or traveling uphill.

• Motorized vehicles yield to mountain bikes, hikers, and horses.

• Mountain bikes yield to hikers and horses.

• Hikers yield to horses.

Information from “Sharing Our Trails – A Guide to Trail Safety and Enjoyment,” courtesy of the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council.