Latest Newsletter


Latest Newsletter

Spring 2021 (pdf)

From the NOHVCC Website

NOHVCC staff and invited guests conducted webinars covering a myriad of topics of importance to the OHV community.  The title of each recorded webinar is shared below.  While we encourage anyone, who has an interest in a webinar topic to participate live, we understand that sometimes that just isn’t possible, so these webinars were recorded when they were conducted.  You are encouraged you to visit the webinar archive to see which topics interest you most.  We also urge OHV enthusiasts and managers to check the webinar archive from time to time in case you missed something.  

You can access the recordings of the webinars by going to NOHVCC online at, where a personal login is required, but the registration and access to the content is free.  

Once you’ve registered and logged in you can access the “Webinar Archive” on by opening the hamburger menu at the top left of the home page then selecting Webinar Archive. 

Please keep an eye on NOHVCC’s website (and on your emails) as we will be providing more information as additional webinars are scheduled.


NOHVCC Webinar Subjects:

  • “What Is NOHVCC?” 
  • OHV Clubs and Associations Development
  • Introduction to Mapping and GIS
  • Effective OHV Economic Impact Studies
  • Vehicle Noise Control and Management Basics
  • Web Marketing Basics for Clubs and Associations
  • Introduction to Great Trails Workshop- What Makes a Great Trail Great?
  • Learn How To Host Rides for Veterans
  • Access to Safety Training – And How to Know if Your Child is Ready To Ride an ATV
  • Working With Land Managers- A Guide To Building Positive Relationships
  • Analyzing Economic Impact Studies
  • Utah OHV Trail Hosts – A Study of Effective Volunteerism
  • Preparing for the Long Haul – Be prepared for Your Next Off-Highway Adventure
  • Vehicle Spark Arresters Past, Present and Future
  • Post Wildfire OHV Alliance – Building Capacity to Mitigate Post-Disaster Impacts to Recreation Facilities Through Volunteer and Professional Services
  • Industry Update From The Motorcycle Industry Council

Let NOHVCC know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have ideas about future webinar topics.