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Fun, functional and definitely versatile, ROVs, or Recreational Off-highway Vehicles, are a new breed of machine, attracting the attention of outdoor enthusiasts in ever-increasing numbers. When adventure calls, ROVs have what it takes, whether it’s transporting gear to a favorite campsite or simply exploring the great outdoors. Intended primarily for recreational use, ROVs also have carved a niche in the workplace, including farming, construction, and just about anywhere there’s a job to be done.

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A Day In The Life of A Motorized Trail Steward On The Beaverhead Deerlodge National Forest

By Nathan Gassmann, Trail Steward, USDA Forest Service

I am on my 5th season as the Motorized Trail Steward for the Wise River and Wisdom districts on the Beaverhead Deerlodge National Forest. I will try to summarize what this job entails along with some of the work we have done and some local trail
recommendations. Almost all my work is focused around our motorized trail systems. Most days in the field I use a dirt bike since I can cover more ground and access our motorized single track trails. The bike is set up to carry a chainsaw so regardless of the days task I can clear trail, do light trail maintenance, and identify issues for future work. Daily tasks have included dispersed campsite mapping, backcountry hunting camp checks, trail construction inspections, or simply clearing and working on a stretch of trail. Although I try, not every day can be spent in the field, occasional desk work, weather, and the maintenance of antique Honda’s can tie me to the office. A recent project that had me working in the office was finishing the Whitetail-Pipestone Motorized Visitor Map. This map will show all the motorized routes in the Whitetail/Pipestone area along vehicle types allowed and seasonal restrictions. It is at the printer as I write this and will be available for free very soon.

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