President's Corner Summer 2017

Montana State Parks administers two grant programs which are quite important to the OHV community. Two volunteer advisory committees help determine what projects are acceptable and to whom the grant monies will go. The State Trails Advisory Committee (STAC) recommends Recreational Trails Program (RTP) grants, and the Off-Highway Vehicle Committee recommends State OHV grants. I had the privilege to serve on the STAC until two years ago when I was termed out.

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President's Corner Spring 2017

Buzz words like public lands, multiple-use, collaboration and climate change have taken over our dialogue. Many times these words and others are used out of context and, in some cases, as weapons. What exactly are public lands? When people want to protect public lands for instance, what do they really want and what public lands are they talking about?   

During the last election cycle we had people lining up to demand if others believed in protecting public lands. On-line you find most public lands referenced as those lands owned by the federal government. You also see items like Keep Public Lands Public-US Lands Under Siege, Public Lands Make This Country-Great-Let’s Protect Them, Why is the federal government trading away public land to the 1 percent and Tester asks Zinke about his commitment to public lands. There are literally thousands of other articles, comments and opinions out there. 

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