Guidelines for Starting a New OHV Club, or Keeping an Established One Healthy

By Carl Siroky

For those of you thinking of starting a new OHV club or who are in an established club and want a few pointers to keep it healthy NOHVCC offers some resources to help.   For example, they provide a 27-page document titled “Guidelines for Off-Highway Vehicle Clubs” which is loaded with helpful pointers.

If you want a copy of this guide go to the NOHVCC On-Line Resources Hub at:

If you want to find an established OHV organization in your area you can go to:

Common Courtesy for Riding Safely

Sharing Trails

Do your part to increase safety and improve trail satisfaction for all trail enthusiasts on multiple-use trails. Many of Montana’s trails are open to and shared by equestrians, OHV riders, bicycle riders, runners, hikers and more. Trail sharing can and does work when people respect each other and work cooperatively to keep each other safe. Follow these basic rules to help ensure that meeting on the trail will be a safe and enjoyable experience:

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Protect Our Resources – Use TIP-MONT

TIP-MONT is Montana's toll-free hotline to report poaching and other crimes. It stands for "Turn In Poachers Montana." Call 1-800-TIP-MONT (1-800-847-6668). Callers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for cash rewards.

In the entire state of Montana there are only 72 field wardens. Wildlife needs your eyes and ears to report these serious and costly crimes. Since 1985, TIP-MONT received more than 13,540 reports of poaching and other crimes, resulting in 1,521 convictions. These convictions netted $810,500 in fines, $337,000 in restitution. Also, nearly $155,000 in rewards were paid to citizens who reported suspected poachers and other crimes. 

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Off Highway Vehicle Ethics Program 2017-2018 School Year

This is the first year that Nathan Leazer was teaching the program. We reached a total of 8,928 students throughout Montana. Jim Dochnahl helped train his replacement Nathan in the fall of 2017. He did an excellent job and set Nathan up for success for the school year to come. It was quite easy to schedule most schools with having the contact information that Jim provided. Even though having all the tools Jim provided it was still difficult to reach the same number of students as last year. The program was down by 1480 students this year. This is mostly contributed to it being Nathan’s first year with the program.

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