Latest Newsletter


Latest Newsletter

Spring 2021 (pdf)

From Mike Jeffords, Board Member, Montana Trail Vehicle Riders Association

June 1st was a date of change that most people didn’t even know happened. On that day, Russ Ehnes left NOHVCC as Executive Director. After directing NOHVCC for almost 20 years, Russ stepped down and turned the leadership over to new hands.

Russ has been involved in off road issues all his life. When he was a young man, his mom and dad were concerned about their favorite trails being closed and more and more areas shut down because of forest service regulations. Russ and his family got involved in commenting, opposing, and working to keep areas open and to help create new areas to recreate. From there he became a voice for area riders and then a voice for national recreationists. Russ worked on creating a nationwide clearing house that provides material for national and local clubs. He was/is an advocate at state legislation and federal government legislation to change and help create new laws and regulations. Russ was the driving force to help the boy scouts create an ATV course at the Boy Scout ranch in Montana. He then helped to do the same at the national level for scouts.

These are just a few of the things Russ has accomplished in his time with NOHVCC.

Russ is moving on to other adventures but will still be involved in local recreation issues.

Personal Note: Russ has been a great friend and mentor to me. Anytime I had a question or idea or needed guidance, I could call Russ any time. Russ challenged me, pushed me, encouraged me to work on recreational issues and to not lose faith in what I’m doing.

Thanks Russ, for your leadership and your friendship. May your new adventures keep you happy!  Happy trails,buddy!