Latest Newsletter


Latest Newsletter

Spring 2021 (pdf)

May 31st, 2017, Board Hotel Meeting Room.

At the annual meeting, by laws were changed, removing the “liaison” and replacing the wording with “at large directors” for board members.  Clubs and Associations are still eligible to have a member represent their group on the Board.

Newly elected for the next cycle:

President, Nic Richardson, Bozeman
Vice President, Dave Cole, Bozeman
Secretary, Alice Schaefer, Bozeman
Treasurer, Mona Ehnes, Great Falls
Past President, Russ Ehnes, Great Falls

Current Club Directors:
Mike Sedlock, Capital Trail Vehicle Assn, Helena
Mike Jeffords, Ravalli Co Trail Users Assn, Hamilton
Ted Dodge, Jefferson River Watershed Council, Pony
Russ Ehnes, Great Falls Trail Bike Riders Assn, Great Falls

At Large Directors:
Harold Lear, Butte
Tom Harrington, Whitehal
Leonard Wortman

Brad Colin, BLM
Jocelyn Dodge, USFS

Work days for the 2017 & 2018 seasons were discussed with the date of September 30, 2017 set for a work day, similar to last year.  Planning is taking place for this event…   Watch Facebook and Website for details.

June 2nd, 2018 was set for a volunteer trails day event.