From Mona Ehnes, Secretary Treasurer, MTVRA

You will note that on the MTVRA membership renewal form there is a spot for your AMA number (if you have one).   It is important that if you are either AMA or ATVA member that you list your number.  The $100 charter fee for the year can be waived if we send a list of at least 25 AMA member with their AMA numbers.   While we have some, we do need to verify the numbers and add those missing.

As an AMA Chartered Club, we secure a sanction number and the insurance coverage for our recreational events at a reasonable fee.  This makes events easy to host.

Also the American Motorcyclist Association, AMA, and the All-Terrain Vehicle Association, ATVA, provide a benefit for the motorized community with the knowledgeable and persistent government relations specialists in their offices.  These specialists work with local contacts to get to the heart of local problems and help whenever possible.  Ok, that’s the commercial, so now go to, give them a look/see and join up.

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