Finding Common Ground for Trails and Recreation 

By Bob Walker, Chair, Montana Trails Coalition Board of Directors

The Montana Trails Coalition (MTC) works in partnership with individuals, organizations, and communities to support trails and outdoor recreation opportunities on lands open for public use in Montana.  The Coalition’s many objectives include, among others, sharing information about existing sources of funds and securing adequate resources to meet Montana’s trails and outdoor recreation needs.  The MTC’s immediate primary efforts involved studying the potential sources of funds for trails in Montana and recommending actions to secure funds.  We published the Montana Trails In Crisis report that clearly describes the demand for trails in Montana and the dire lack of adequate funding.

The Montana Trails Coalition Board of Directors is comprised of 13 statewide and regional trails organizations that represent motorized and non-motorized recreation. city and county parks and trails departments, and the national coalition American Trails.  Advisors include the primary state and federal public land managing agencies. 

Please join the Montana Trails Coalition and help to continue our efforts to secure adequate resources to answer the needs of Montana’s public for trails to provide access to Montana’s great outdoors for recreation, health and transportation.


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