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Latest Newsletter

Spring 2021 (pdf)

From: American Motorcyclist Association

2017 Renewable Fuel Standard Too High For Marketplace

PICKERINGTON, Ohio – The 2017 Renewable Fuel Standard volume requirements announced today by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency are higher than the agency’s May proposal and will mandate more ethanol in the nation’s fuel supply chain despite a low demand for higher ethanol blends and an inadequate distribution and sales network, the American Motorcyclist Association reports.

As a direct result of an early awareness by Montana OHV interests and the Montana Trail Vehicle Riders Association (MTVRA), Montana’s legislature initiated a new program for OHV recreation in 1987 by passing Montana’s first OHV registration law.  The 1991 Legislative Session followed-up with support of OHV recreation by passing a law that returns a portion of the state gas tax paid by OHV owners for the benefit of off-road recreation statewide.  Since those early years, subsequent Legislative Session’s have approved the continuation of the Program and the expenditure of these funds for the benefit of OHV recreation statewide.

February 12, 2015

PICKERINGTON, Ohio -- The American Motorcyclist Association supports the National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act, which would allow more volunteer efforts to assist the U.S. Forest Service in maintaining its 157,000 miles of trails.

by Ray Paige, Trail Steward, Lewis & Clark/Helena National Forest

This seasonal temporary work as a trail steward begins about June 1st and extends through the end of the general big game hunting season. Most visits to USDA Forest and BLM lands allows the steward to visit and educate public land visitors and recreationists.

From Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association • 

Fun, functional and definitely versatile, ROVs, or Recreational Off-highway Vehicles, are a new breed of machine, attracting the attention of outdoor enthusiasts in ever-increasing numbers. When adventure calls, ROVs have what it takes, whether it’s transporting gear to a favorite campsite or simply exploring the great outdoors. Intended primarily for recreational use, ROVs also have carved a niche in the workplace, including farming, construction, and just about anywhere there’s a job to be done.