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Latest Newsletter

Spring 2021 (pdf)

Thanks to Montana’s Legislature and Montana Trail Vehicle Riders Association

By Bob Walker, Editor

Montana Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) owners pay the majority of costs for maintaining and enhancing trails open to OHV recreation in Montana.  Thanks to requests by OHV owners, the 1987 session of the Montana legislature passed Montana’s first OHV registration law that requires all OHVs used on public lands to display a registration decal.  County treasurers deposit moneys collected in a dedicated fund to be used solely for Montana’s OHV program!

The 1991 session of the Montana legislature responded to requests from the Montana Trail Vehicle Riders Association to return that portion of the state gas tax paid by OHV owners for use off-road.  The OHV program annually receives 1/8th of 1% of the state gas tax solely for use in the OHV program.  Please see the article in this issue about Representative Kerry White’s bill to increase this refund to the OHV program from 1/8 to 23/50 of 1%!

The State Parks Division of Fish, Wildlife & Parks administers the majority of these funds with advice from a citizen’s advisory committee.  OHV clubs and land managing agencies request grants for maintenance of existing OHV trails, safety and ethics education, noxious weed control, and trail steward projects.

In addition to registration and gas tax fees paid by OHV owners, volunteers and OHV clubs donate thousands of hours of time to maintain a portion of trails open to all recreationists and provide safety and ethics education to Montana’s youth and adults.  Without these investments made by Montana’s OHV owners, thousands of miles of trails open to all recreationists would disappear due to lack of maintenance.  OHV safety education programs would suffer or not exist, and depleted trail conditions would risk the safety of recreationists.  Thanks again to Montana’s Legislature and the Montana Trail Vehicle Riders Association!

Montana’s OHV Advisory Committee
Russ Ehnes, Great Falls
Jody Llomis, Helena
Brad Colin, Butte
Jennifer Schofield, East Helena
Kent Wellner, Missoula
Mark Klenencic, Great Falls
Bob Walker, Clancy