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Latest Newsletter

Spring 2021 (pdf)

By Bob Walker, Editor

Representative Kerry White has drafted two bills for consideration by the 2019 session of the Montana Legislature to increase the amounts of current state gas tax refunded to the state’s OHV and snowmobile programs! Representative White’s bills would increase the refund to the state OHV program from 1/8 of 1% to 23/50 of 1%, nearly a fourfold increase, and to the state snowmobile program from 15/28 of 1% to 9/10 of 1%! These increased amounts are supported by studies published by the University of Montana’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research. For clarification, these bills would not increase the state gas tax but transfer larger amounts currently collected to the two programs.

By Bob Walker, Editor

A request has been submitted to the Legislative Service Bureau to draft a bill to increase the voluntary light motor vehicle registration fee. This change would create a new grant program for trail development, maintenance, and rehabilitation and help state parks meet their maintenance and operation needs.

The proposal would increase the voluntary light motor vehicle registration fee to state parks from $6 to $10. Of that increase, $1.75 would create a new grant program administered by Fish, Wildlife & Parks for trails and associated recreation facilities similar to the Recreational Trails grant program. In addition, $1.75 of the increase would be for the maintenance and operation of state parks, 25 cents for fishing access sites and 25 cents for Virginia and Nevada Cities.

From Derrick Crandall, CEO, American Recreation Coalition

Ryan Zinki. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke signed Secretarial Order 3356 today (September 15), creating a process to identify and expand access to outdoor recreation – especially hunting and fishing – on public lands and waters managed by the Department of the Interior.  The order is an extension of Secretarial Order 3347 – issued on Secretary Zinke’s first day in office.

by Bob Walker, Editor, Montana Trail Rider News

The Montana Environmental Quality Council (EQC) met on September 27 in part to consider the future of Montana’s state parks and recreation programs.  The EQC is an interim legislative committee that reviews and appraises state natural resources agencies and programs.

By Erin Proctor, OHV Program Manager, Montana State Parks

The 2015 session of the Montana Legislature passed HB 167 that restructured the requirements of Montana’s OHV nonresident temporary use permit.  This new law makes Montana’s program similar to the regulations in our surrounding states. It rescinded reciprocity to 39 states, while honoring agreements with Idaho and North Dakota. The non-resident permit fee rose from $5 to $27 and permits are valid for one calendar year. 

Revenues generated go to education, OHV trail maintenance and noxious weed control efforts in the following amounts: