By Mike Sedlock, Steering Committee Chair, CTVA

Last weekend the Capital Trail Vehicle Association (CTVA) single track trail crew worked on motorcycle trail sections in the Galena Gulch area. Trails included Sullivan Gulch and Buttermilk Jim loop. This trail has not been cleared for a couple of years and had significant downfall.  The crew removed 57 trees and the loop is now in great shape!

Earlier this summer the trail crew began work on the Red Rock single track trails in the Bernice area. The north and south forks were cleared last year, but there had been so much downfall since then that opening this loop was a significant challenge. It took trail crews three days to clear 181 trees on 7 miles of trail.

These routes offer some rare challenge and beautiful scenery that many riders pursue. Without the CTVA volunteers, these trails would remain unusable. Many thanks to the hard working crew for a great job!