By Doug Abelin, President

The Capital Trail Vehicle Association (CTVA) organized monthly rides and completed several valuable projects during 2016. Rides included a Missouri  River Historical ride southeast of Toston, Whitetail Pipestine starting at Four Corners, Elkhorn Mountains including the Tizer Lake area, and the Leadville area.

Our Hellgate Fun Run in June was a great success with 109 riders from throughout Montana and the West participating! On Saturday, the club provided guided rides throughout the Big Belt Mountain’s trails .and on Sunday, most participated in a “trail clean-up day” to leave the trails in better shape than prior to the event.

This past summer we completed a trail maintenance  grant that included noxious weed abatement. This work was accomplished in cooperation with staff of the Helena/Lewis and Clark National Forest. We also completed a reroute on the Magpie trail system behind the Dam Bar that benefits the environment and provides a safer ride. The Magpie staging area includes an informational kiosk that we installed last year with a grant from Fish, Wildlife & Parks and in cooperation with the Forest Service. This work gives us a very nice trail loop for all recreationists to enjoy.    

We also completed a reroute on Carpenter trail that ties the Hellgate trail to Hunters Trail and allows a much safer, maintainable trail for all to enjoy. We have a group of club volunteers that clear deadfall from trails throughout the season.

Our club volunteers assistance to other trail recreationists and events. We have assisted with the Race to the Sky dog sled race  for years and we assisted with the HURL Elkhorn Mountains 50 mile  Endurance Race this year, and have agreed  to continue that effort. It is great that we all can enjoy our public lands. We must do all we can to continue to have this right!

We have now entered into a new venture, suing for our right to have access our public lands, on an equal basis with all other user groups.  We avoided this for years, and have lost much because of it. We will keep you informed, and will be asking for verbal and monitory support as needed to further this effort for us all.