Latest Newsletter


Latest Newsletter

Spring 2021 (pdf)

From Doug Abelin, President, CTVA

For the past several years, Capital Trail Vehicle Association (CTVA) members have gone out of their way to help make the Race To the Sky Sled Dog Race a success.  This year’s race was held February 9 – 13 and included a 300 mile race for the hard cores and a 100 mile race.  The courses wind through the mountains beginning and ending in Lincoln and traveling through Seeley Lake and Ovando.

The CTVA had five ATVs there this year, 4 chained up and one in reserve.  They hook up a dog sled to a 4 wheeler and the sled and dogs move forward to the starting line.  We are literally a boat anchor so handlers can manage the dogs pulling till it is start time.

It’s fun to watch, as some dogs are calm, but many jump their lead ropes, get constantly tangled, and must be repositioned many times till it is time to go.  There is a lot of action for about two hours till the starting gun.  The event managers and handlers just couldn’t manage the start without the ATVs because the parking lots near the start are too hard to set the sleds brakes.  Once the sleds are on the trail, the handlers can set the brakes.

We really enjoy taking part, helping out, and just being good neighbors to another exciting winter trail sport.  It’s always Good PR for our association and great fun!