by Mona Ehnes, Sec/Treasurer, Great Falls Trail Bike Riders Association

The OHV and RTP Grants continue to be good support for the trail maintenance work on the trails we all enjoy. However, with the RTP grants requiring the work be paid to the contractor prior to any reimbursement to a club, a funding problem is created and is a hardship for local clubs.

Without our continued support for the maintenance programs, trails disappear and without trails and places to ride, we are no longer OHV recreationists. Any funds we can set aside for maintenance work, can be leveraged into double or even triple the available funding.

The Great Falls Trail Bike Riders (GFTBRA) is raising money for a statewide Trail Fund, to help with the interim funding situation and supply seed money for matching projects. As a member of MTVRA, you are already a great supporter, and now we are asking you to help support the Trail Fund. The GFTBRA made the first deposit, $650 raised at the annual potluck in February.

GFTBRA is planning a ‘Yard Sale’ promotion, where you can buy a ‘yard of trail’ maintenance for $50, and receive a special t-shirt showing you are a supporter. However, with summer and riding, the project has been moving slowly. More about the shirts will be coming in future newsletters.

In the meantime, you will notice on your next MTVRA renewal notice there will be a box to check if you want to help support the Trail Fund. Any contribution will be appreciated, and any $50 donation will be eligible for a t-shirt as soon as the final design and printing is done. You will be on the ‘Yard sale list”. There will be a regular article in each newsletter letting you know how the Trail Fund is doing.

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