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Latest Newsletter

Spring 2021 (pdf)

trail. Not too long ago, there were few resources available to help state and federal land managers, off-highway vehicle (OHV) program managers, and OHV clubs successfully convert existing natural surface roads to sustainable trails. Thankfully, that has all changed.  Now there is plenty of information, written by professional trail designers and builders, to help with that effort, benefitting both agencies and user groups. Here are three outstanding tools you can use to turn roads into trails. 

“Transforming Existing Routes Into Manageable, Enjoyable Trails for the OHV Community”  by Margie Tatro, Reineke Construction

By Beth Shumate, Recreational Trails Program Manager, Montana State Parks

Montana Trail Vehicle Riders Association has set a new precedent for tackling trail maintenance efforts in Montana!  Not only have they successfully demonstrated that they can establish better relationships between federal and state partners but they have also demonstrated that they can accomplish more work on the ground in a more cost effective way than ever before.  MTVRA recently secured another $90,000 Recreational Trails Program (RTP) grant from the federally-funded RTP through an extremely competitive process. MTVRA also secured $90,000 in 2014 and $45,000 in 2015 for these same types of efforts from Montana’s RTP.  This on-going project is the third year of an effort to develop long-term methodology and partnerships to improve recreation opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.

By Mike Sedlock, Steering Committee Chairman

Greetings from the Capital Trail Vehicle Association in Helena Montana. We are discussing how to add a page on our website for people to post their information to locate riding buddies to share rides.  Our member hosted trail rides are well attended although some of them have had to be rescheduled due to Montana’s erratic weather.

By Bill Avey, Helena-Lewis & Clark National Forest Supervisor

“Where conflicting interests must be reconciled, the question shall always be answered from the standpoint of the greatest good of the greatest number in the long run.”  – Gifford Pinchot, U.S. Forest  Service Chief, 1905-1910

The Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest is mandated to responsibly and objectively manage nearly three million acres of National Forest System lands in central Montana for multiple uses on behalf of the entire American public, while following numerous laws, regulations, and forest standards. It is a tough mission, but it is one that my colleagues willingly take on because they are passionate about doing what is right for “the greatest number in the long run.”

From Motorcyclist Magazine

CE Armor. Fall off a race bike at speed and it can seem like a week before you stop sliding. This is where a suit made of thick leather earns its keep. But in a motorcycle crash at typical street speeds, you’re just as likely to be injured by the initial impact—with the ground, a car fender, or some other solid object—as by the subsequent slide, which probably wouldn’t even get a MotoGP rider’s attention. Armor in the shoulders, elbows, and knees of your riding gear helps protect you, but not just any armor.