News from the Capital Trail Vehicle Association

By Mike Sedlock, Steering Committee Chairman

Greetings from the Capital Trail Vehicle Association in Helena Montana. We are discussing how to add a page on our website for people to post their information to locate riding buddies to share rides.  Our member hosted trail rides are well attended although some of them have had to be rescheduled due to Montana’s erratic weather.

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CE or Not CE? The Hard Truth About Armor

From Motorcyclist Magazine

CE Armor. Fall off a race bike at speed and it can seem like a week before you stop sliding. This is where a suit made of thick leather earns its keep. But in a motorcycle crash at typical street speeds, you’re just as likely to be injured by the initial impact—with the ground, a car fender, or some other solid object—as by the subsequent slide, which probably wouldn’t even get a MotoGP rider’s attention. Armor in the shoulders, elbows, and knees of your riding gear helps protect you, but not just any armor.

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News from The Capital Trail Vehicle Association

By Mike Sedlock, Steering Committee Chairman

Greetings from the Capital Trail Vehicle Association located in Helena Montana. Last fall we formed a Steering Committee to research how to improve our club, address membership retention and recruit new members. Our challenge was to identify why people join organizations such as ours and how do we keep it interesting so that they might become involved and thereby remain members? Foremost, we presumed people join to have fun, find other people to ride with and form a comradery with other people of similar outdoor recreation interests.

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Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest and Recreation Partners Prep for 30 Percent Cut in Trail Budgets

from Independent Record, March 28, 2016

The January announcement caught many Montana recreation groups off guard -- the U.S. Forest Service was changing its formula for funding trail maintenance, de-emphasizing miles of wilderness trails while favoring visitor numbers and population centers. That meant increasing maintenance budgets in some more populated regions while lower-population Idaho and Montana put nearly a third of its program budgets on the chopping block.

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