The 2015 MTVRA State Ride was stationed out of Basin, MT over the June 27-28 weekend. Quite a number of participants made it a three or four day weekend. Stacy and her family, along with camp hosts John and Diane at the Merry Widow Health Mine (campgrounds, meeting hall and cabins), helped make it a great weekend of riding and friendship. The hospitality of the Basin and Boulder area has been outstanding for many years. Treasure State ATV out of Billings has been having yearly events at Basin over Labor Day weekends for at least the last ten years.

Many good times and meals have been had at The Silver Saddle Restaurant and The Tower Pizza shop in Basin. Often during rides we find ourselves going through Boulder and stopping at The River, which has peanuts and Wilcoxson’s ice cream. The River was very generous and donated ice cream for the June 27th State Ride potluck. We thank them very much and encourage riders and visitors in that area of Montana to stop and partake at the Basin and Boulder establishments.

Every year after the completion of the state ride, we evaluate the event and look to what we should do for the next year. Over the years MTVRA has grown to represent single track riders, ATV’s and now UTV’s. For some reason the AMA seems reluctant to insure events which include UTV’s. We will have to address the insurance issue on future sanctioned events. For 2016 we need a place to hold the event and a host club or organization. Let us know in advance so we can do early planning. Thank you!


Bruce Reierson