Latest Newsletter


Latest Newsletter

Spring 2021 (pdf)

In conjunction with National Public Lands Day, fifty three members of Friends of Pipestone gathered together to work on projects with the BLM and USFS. Several groups split off to work on a number of projects coordinated by the agencies.

One group traveled a section of the Nez Perce trail was led by Marshal Clark with the USFS.  A number of trees, poised to fall onto the road to the Nez Perce trail, were removed on the way to the trail.  Trees blocking the Nez Perce trail were removed along with smaller brush and other obstacles that had found their way onto the trail.  The infamous “creek crossing” was improved with careful relocation of three large rocks carefully transplanted to form a ramp over the LARGE boulder in the center of the trail.

Two more groups went down to Big Pipestone Creek; one near Marsh mine worked on silt fences, the second stained the reinforcement holding in the gravel ramps onto and off of the bridge as well as more silt fence work. The two groups at Big Pipestone Creek were lead by Dave with the USFS. A smaller group ran down a section of trail to do some clearing. Yet another group traveled the roads and trails in the area picking up several bags of garbage including a mattress that was left near a trail. Last but not least a group led by Brad Colin with the BLM put up fencing and signs near the well-loved hill climb.

After all the groups returned from their work days, lunch was provided by Redline Motorsports out of Butte.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, and a large plate cookies were all on the menu! There were also a number of giveaways and plenty of time to chat.