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Latest Newsletter

Spring 2021 (pdf)

In conjunction with National Public Lands Day, fifty three members of Friends of Pipestone gathered together to work on projects with the BLM and USFS. Several groups split off to work on a number of projects coordinated by the agencies.

From Mona Ehnes, MTVRA

On Saturday, July 22, 15 members of the Friends of the Little Belts met at the upper Pilgrim Creek trailhead to help improve the trail surface and install drainage structures.  The group using horses began their clearing work from the lower Pilgrim Creek trailhead.

From, Flathead National Forest

The 10 mile Blacktail Wild Bill ORV trail system has three legs. One begins off of Blacktail Mt. Road on Road #917a and intersects with the other two trails which begin off of Truman Creek Rd #213 and from the trailhead on Road #2990. The trail is open for the following uses: 3 or 4 wheeled vehicles, 2 wheeled vehicles, mountain biking, horseback riding, and hiking.

There are three trailheads to access the Blacktail OHV system.


The network of OHV roads and trails on this map provide opportunities for outdoor recreation not found elsewhere. These roads and trails provide access to lakes, a historic mining district, a ghost town, breath-taking scenery, and numerous hiking trails. Much of the area you will be traveling is part of a large reclamation project designed to repair damage to the land and water caused by historic mining activity. Please be respectful of reclamation and stay on designated trails.

by Dave Halsey, NOHVCC Contributing Writer

North Dakota is in the middle of an oil boom. If Mike Duerre gets his way, someday it will have an equally impressive trail boom.Duerre manages the Pembina Gorge State Recreation Area, one of seven rec areas run by the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department (NDPRD). Located in the northeast corner of the state, Pembina Gorge is 12,500 acres of deep and steep river valleys. It’s home to an extensive oak woodland, an 80-million year old fossil site, plus elk, moose, mountain lions...and the state’s newest and perhaps most beautiful multi-use trail system.