News from the Ravalli County Off-Road Users Association

from Mike Jeffords, Ravalli County Off-Road Users Association

Darby Lumber lands is finally turning into trails! Five years ago, several members of the Ravalli County Off Road Users Association where asked by the forest service to look at some old logged off, burned over sections of land that the agency had gotten from Darby Lumber. There were 11 sections of land that had many miles of roads, skid trails, mostly clear-cut land. Not really suitable for much as most people don’t like to recreate on land that looks like it’s part of the moon, but there were some in the club who saw some potential that these section had.

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Build It and They Will Come

by Dave Halsey, NOHVCC Contributing Writer

Build it right, with government and community support plus environmental review, and not only will they come, they will bring their friends, spend money, and boost the local economy.

That’s the conclusion of a new report about the Northwoods Regional ATV Trail System in central Minnesota. Titled “Planning For Responsible Recreation: An ATV Trail Case Study,” this 18-page report can serve as another tool in your trail-building toolbox. It was published in October of 2014 by Dovetail Partners, Inc., a non-profit consulting firm that was instrumental in helping coordinate the trail project and the process that made it a reality.

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by Mona Ehnes, Sec/Treasurer, Great Falls Trail Bike Riders Association

The OHV and RTP Grants continue to be good support for the trail maintenance work on the trails we all enjoy. However, with the RTP grants requiring the work be paid to the contractor prior to any reimbursement to a club, a funding problem is created and is a hardship for local clubs.


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